Unexplained Things That Happen While We're Asleep

There are a lot of activity in the body that occurs even when we are asleep. No definite reason has been proved for these miraculous...

The Friend-Zone: What it is & Why it Doesn't Matter

Friend-zone A space that you create in your mind when you lack the proper social acumen to understand that what you want, is not always...

Spicing Up Relationships, Make It Last For Ever

How to keep the spark alive? Usually, this is the question couples might face after a few years or even after one year of being in a...

8 Things You Can Do Instead of Wasting Time On Social Media!

1. Take a yoga break Great way to get relax both mentally and physically. Open a slow music and start it. If you are doing it at home,...

I Dated an Older, Divorced Man with Children & I'll NEVER Do It Again!

After I ended a 4 year relationship with my college sweetheart, I never thought that I could start over again. It was devastating to say...

Are You Too Ugly?

Fashion & Beauty
Beautiful people know they are beautiful. From the long slide out of the womb, people wax on about how beautiful they are without a hint...


Strange behavior on behalf of the opposite sex?

Guys, when you look deeply into a girls eyes what exactly are you doing/thinking? This happens to me sometimes and it always baffles...

Is there anyone on here who would only sleep with someone they're emotionally attached to? Guys?

Sure you find other women beautiful but you just can't have sex with them unless it's a woman you love and there are emotions

What do you think about freckles?

Fashion & Beauty
I'm not talking about a little sprinkling of freckles on the nose and cheeks but like freckles all over the face, shoulders, arms... you...

What do you think about "13 reasons why?"?

What's your opinion about the series "13 reasons why?"

How do you get out of the friend zone?

I really like a guy but he doesn't like me back, but I can't stop thinking about him. I think about him like 24/7 and I have two classes...

Is it a good choice to pick my career/school over my family?

Last night, I was mapping out my plans for my career and school for the next year. This fall, I will be taking a Math class and a...

Why do guys catcall women?

Guy's Behavior
do you do it to assert your own masculinity? is it because you think your friends will think it's cool? because let's be serious, it's...

What's your take on intermittent fasting?

Health & Fitness
Does it work? Have you tried it? What was your experience? Did you feel as if you were low on energy and cranky etc?

Do guys spend hours talking to girls they don't have romantic interest in?

Guy's Behavior
I recently reconnected with a guy friend who I'd lost touch with over the past year. We're both college students, and bumped into each...


Would you avoid a location because you knew your ex would be there?

Break Up & Divorce
I used to frequent this bar with my ex -- he's a regular at it, so naturally during the duration of our relationship I also became...

Should I consider moving in with my boyfriend?

Me and my boyfriend been together for nearly 8 months and we have been talking about moving in together once I graduate and have a...

Have you ever come out of a LTR and quickly found another person who became your bf/gf (not a rebound)?

When I say quickly, I mean within 1 - 3 months. The reason I moved on so quickly after leaving my ex of 5 years was because I'd mentally...

Would you take your partner back after a "break"?

Ex-Girlfriend came back recently and said that she still loves me and wants to still be together. This all after about a month break. I...

Girls, would it bother you if your boyfriend was weaker than you?

why or why not? Guys... would this be a problem to you?