5 Easy, Extremely Adaptable Recipes

Food & Beverage
Don't you hate recipes that require a long list of ingredients and instructions? Do you want to make your life in the kitchen so much...

Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

Entertainment & Arts
Yesterday and the day before, I actually saw a few questions on relating to classical music, so I figured I'd share a few of my own....

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

Education & Career
So, I have been unemployed for a little over a year now and I just thought that I would share some of the experiences that I have...

The #1 Reason Why You Have Not Found Love

So it's Friday night ... have any plans to find some love tonight? Well I guess that depends on where you live. See some of my clients I...

8 Things I Think People Should Do in a Relationship

1. What can I do? you should ask yourself every day what can I do to make his/her day better maybe i can do the dishes or draw her a...

White Lace for the Summer

Fashion & Beauty
A short white lace dress with chunkier lace on the bottom and a cinched waist makes all the difference and makes you tan pop! Chunkier...


In your opinion, does Western society have too high beauty standards?

Fashion & Beauty
This is something I noticed at least on GaG. Like, looks are most important thing to Westerners for everything. Whereas in our (or any...

Should alpha women be with beta men?

I'm a go-getting, take charge woman. I work smart so I don't have to work hard. I love living a free life, and have never really had a...

I cheated on him several years ago and he still holds on to that?

I cheated on my ex boyfriend and got pregnant that wants me back 8 years ago. I apologized more than once, but its like that's not...

What tattoo font would you like the most? Different ideas?

in the pic are a few I find cool, but yeah wanted to hear different opinions and also maybe few other ideas?

Why is my mom and boyfriend so close?

My boyfriend spends a lot of time over at my house. Whether I'm there or not. When I'm at work, or just out of the house, he is over at...

I told a girl that I wanted to be more than friends but then I got a girlfriend and now she's not talking to me for days?

Girl's Behavior
So a while back I told my female friend that I wanted to be more than just her friend, she didn't give me a clear answer but I know that...

"Those who gossip with you, will gossip about you." True?

I think this quote perfectly describes two-faced people.


Should younger atheists be responsible for attending church on Sundays?

Religion & Spirituality
Is it their responsibility to attend church because their parents are?

Are you indesisive?

When it comes to most decisions in life?

How many of you have actually met their boyfriend or girlfriend through tinder?

just curios about that, did you ever meet a bf/gf through tinder or was it always for hook-ups/sex?

Can a person fall in love with someone by just online chatting?

*they haven't seen each other or met each other in person

Would you rather dump someone or be dumped?

Break Up & Divorce
And how many times have you been dumped and did you break up with someone?

(FOR LGB ONLY.) Have you came out to your parents yet?

Have you came out to your parents yet? If so, How did you come out to your parents? If you haven't yet, why not?

Are you always on time or are you late often?

Generally speaking, on a daily basis.

If you have/had your nipples pierced, would you recommend it?

Fashion & Beauty
I kind of want to, but I don't know yet. How is it if you take them out and it heals up? Pain level? Infection risk? Girls, is having...