There Should be Official Apologies for Slavery and Race Crimes!

Society & Politics
This is a radical notion, but I firmly believe there should be official apologies for slavery and past racial sins. Namely, the fact...

Why I Am Against Fat Acceptance

Society & Politics
First off, no I don't hate fat people. A summary: I hate it cause it spreads lies, and its toxic. Well second of all. we all know you...

5 Easy, Extremely Adaptable Recipes

Food & Beverage
Don't you hate recipes that require a long list of ingredients and instructions? Do you want to make your life in the kitchen so much...

Just a Few Classical Music Recommendations

Entertainment & Arts
Yesterday and the day before, I actually saw a few questions on relating to classical music, so I figured I'd share a few of my own....

Some Reasons Why the Unemployed... Are Still Unemployed

Education & Career
So, I have been unemployed for a little over a year now and I just thought that I would share some of the experiences that I have...

The #1 Reason Why You Have Not Found Love

So it's Friday night ... have any plans to find some love tonight? Well I guess that depends on where you live. See some of my clients I...


What would you do if you saw this post about the person you recently started dating?

Would you think it's just a bitter ex or would you get nervous that they are actually like this

Guys, when you treat your girl, what do you like to do?

When you want to treat your girl (something big, not a simple box of chocolates), what is something you like to do? What's your style,...

Can I go straight to a PhD or do I have to get a Masters first?

Education & Career
I'll be graduating this December 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice. My goal is to be a Proffesor. I know they hire...

Does anyone else miss modesty?

Society & Politics
No disrespect intended, everyone can do whatever and wear whatever they want! I just don't understand how modesty lost all it's meaning....

What was the most awkward conversation you ever had with someone?

Okay, so story time. Once upon a time (more like three months ago) this guy came to our school. I was sorta interested in him, but not...

What exactly are good qualities in people?

Girls and guys both love personality everyone loves personality personality is everything right?

My male colleague went from shy to confident with me overnight?

My male colleague works in a different division and office to me so we don't see each other very often. We had flirted a lot last time...


Do you think our environment impacts our sexuality or are we just born with a certain sexuality?

Society & Politics
I mean any aspect of sexuality like gender or sex and to whom you may be attracted or whether or not you feel your transgender. Does our...

Ladies, would you be offended if your boyfriend was afraid of marriage?

Marriage & Weddings
Not the commitment part, but the divorce issue.

Ladies, would you date a feminine guy? Guys, would you date a masculine girl?

Number one: A man who likes to wear women's clothes and makeup... Number two: A girl who likes to wear guy clothes and other male...

Do people actually care about thigh gaps?

Fashion & Beauty
I just see a big fuss about thigh gap in social media, and honestly I can't believe people can make a fuss about THAT. But hey, I'm not...


Athiests Checkmate! God's Word Stands True. Bible Scientific Facts Before Modern Science Dear To Even Have A Clue.😂

Religion & Spirituality
Introduction: Many claim that religion and the scientific field are incompatible with one another, obviously that statement is true, for...

The 7 Best Korean Rappers

Entertainment & Arts
I've been into hip hop since I was 14. I started with 50 Cent and Eminem but then I deiscovered a lot more :P. I also listened to German...