The Not So Cool Part About Being a Guy

Being a guy is not an easy feat in our world. We have our own problems where some that are small, with others that are funny, and others...

Why Are We Indian Guys Creepy?

Disclaimer – First things first, we’re not saying this applies to “every” man in the country. There’s no statement that applies to all...

Why Dating Multiple Women is Extremely Important for Single Males

Dating is extremely tough for both genders. We have problems, but they tend to be different. I know this will bring some heat,...

Good Movies About Extraterrestrials Worth Watching

Ever since I've heard of the TV show called ancient aliens, I've become fascinated with the sci fi concept of extraterrestrials and the...

Hope - Good or Bad?

People say ‘If’ is the biggest word in the dictionary. Recently I have found a new one ‘Hope’ which to me is even bigger. Recently I...

Do I Need To Understand It?

I have trouble understanding why it is someone would hate or dislike or not want to be the gender they were born as. But that's me. I...


What are your dating pet peeves?

A sequel to my previous question. Tell me what annoyed/annoys you about dating.

What to do when your boyfriend makes you feel insecure about your body?

So last night I (17 years old) was just chilling with my boyfriend (18 years old) on the couch and was watching a movie. We were just...

What do you do when you're feeling lonely?

I'm feeling rather lonely in my loneliness, so I'm curious if anyone else ever feels lonely. If you do, what do you do about it?

Tall Guys do you prefer tall girls (not taller than the guy)?

More like if the guy is 6'1 the girl 5'8. Is being tall for a girl seen as an attravtive feature?

Do guys feel more attracted to girls that are dedicated in what they do?

Like if you meet a girl and you find out that she trains regularly and with dedication planning to do at least half a marathon and...

Is it possible to love a person non-sexually?

I'm not talking abot friends or family. Can you go insane about person without possibility to kiss or just touch them?

What about having another guy while you're in a relationship?

I mean, not like committed, but to learn new things that our lover can't teach us.

How do you get over someone?

How do you stop the feelings you have towards the person you like/liked?