How Working in a call center is like "Monsters Inc."

Education & Career
As I may have mentioned earlier I am a call center representative for a major wireless company In the US. Over my last 7 weeks at the...

A Mask For Mental Illness: 7 Obsessed Fans Who Had Surgery To Look Like Their Celebrity Idol

Entertainment & Arts
Celebrity worship is more than just being a casual fan. It's an obsession. CWS (Celebrity worship syndrome) is an obsessive-addictive...

Winning Hot Weather Combinations

Fashion & Beauty
1. Crop top and a maxi skirt: A casual version usually consists of earthy tones, simple hair style and some bright jewelry. The formal...

Summer Tops To Cool Off In

Fashion & Beauty
The neutral colored semi-form fitting top that overlaps and is slightly sheer gives your wardrobe a neutral piece to mix and match with...

Living With Depression: Why You'd Never Guess

Health & Fitness
Hey there. This is my first myTake, so I thought I'd make it about something that hits very close to home. You're Not in Control: First...

The Not So Cool Part About Being a Guy

Guy's Behavior
Being a guy is not an easy feat in our world. We have our own problems where some that are small, with others that are funny, and others...


Guys, do you prefer the girl next door all natural look , or when a girl has more effort and wears makeup?

Guy's Behavior
Why? What's your ideal amount of makeup you would like a woman to wear?

Why I can't get forget my first crush and love?

Guy's Behavior
It's been years since I transferred into a new school and now in college rn. But, I still can't get forget my crush a. k. a my first...

Sex on the third date?

I met this guy online. We had an amazing first date ! On our second date, he invited me to his house and cooked for me. We did not get...

He asks for selfies but never comments on them?

Guy's Behavior
My best guy friend asks for pictures of me quite often. When I send them.. he doesn't say anything.. that if I look okay or anything......

How far are you willing to give up "freedom" in order not to hurt a friend?

i had friend, we were close and he really opened up to me in a way he probabl hardly ever did to someone else, however, he would never...

Can you give high school survival tips?

Education & Career
I'm a highschooler, completely unsatisfied with my previous grades. I want to apply for honors society and I'm also taking the SAT this...

Would things be different if make up didn't exist?

What do you think would change as far as dating goes? Would women be more or less confident?


Do you know how to perform CPR?

Health & Fitness
I am wondering how many people actually know how to peform CPR. If anyone don't know how to perform CPR here is the link to...

What would you do if you woke up in the middle of the night and saw your s/o going through your phone?

If I had a girlfriend & found myself in this position I would sit up in the bed and give her a 😏 and say "what you up to baby girl?"

Are you a sore loser or a good loser?

Do you get angry or irritated even when losing a fair game/competition? Or are you the admirable type who takes losing in a good manner?...

Do you think humans would become a mono-race in the future and would racism vanish then?

Society & Politics
Mono race = In this context mono race means that's only one race among the humanity because of a lot of interracial relationships mixing...

Curious of knowing which hair style of guys does girls like and a big turn on?

Girl's Behavior
Please feel free to give opinion with justified answers. Love to hear from girls side more😉😉

Do you think crying in public is embarrassing or humiliating?

I'm a crybaby. I cry in the movies, I cry in concerts, I even cry if I'm upset in public. Do you feel embarrassed if crying in public or...