Muhahaha, I quit!

Education & Career
Nearly 4 weeks ago now I decided to quit my job. I was making really awesome money as a lead RN, I only worked 15 minutes from my house,...

Sixteen Years On: Remembering 9/11

Trending & News
A week before my freshman year of college was to start and I was to move into the dorms with my mystery roommate, she finally returned...

Dating Etiquette for the Modern Age

As our society continues along the complex and arduous road towards gender equality, it's important to consider how dating and romance...

How To Impress A Girl On A Budget

Power is an aphrodisiac for most women, the symbols of which are objects such as sports cars, expensive clothes and smart watches. These...

How Growing Up for the Last 10 Years with Divorced Parents Has Affected/Impacted Me

Break Up & Divorce
Couples, I understand that it's easy to divorce when there are issues in the relationship. But please, if you have a child, consider...

Some Tips on Getting Over Emotional Baggage and Bouncing Back in Life.

Break Up & Divorce
You might have dealt with a difficult event that changed the course of your entire life, it might be a death of a loved one, a serious...


Why would you send flowers secretively?

Basically, I got a delivery of flowers yesterday from someone who didn't sign the card. Why would anyone send someone flowers in secret?...

How to convince my boyfriend to cut his hair?

My boyfriend has long hair. When I met him (and fell head over heels for him) he had short hair. He looked too darn handsome with his...

He phoned me while drunk?

Heyyyy... My boyfriend went to the pub last night with his mates, he randomly called me up telling how the night is going then out the...

Is it wrong to drop my friend because she's cheating on her fiance?

Family & Friends
I'm becoming really good friends with this girl at work. But the more I get to know her the more I don't like how she handles...

A man is sentenced to prison for 3 years because he punched a girl in the face. What are your thoughts on this?

Trending & News
I have seen this in recent local news, maybe 2 days ago. A man punched a girl in the face in a bus, and that man is sentenced to 3...


If the election was today, who would you vote for?

Society & Politics
Would it be different than what you did originally?

Did you guys know about Demi lovato🌈?

Girl's Behavior
I’m not surprised... this doesn’t surprise me anymore. It didn’t surprise me when Danielle brigolli came out or Katy perry or...

Am I weird that I like being alone?

Girl's Behavior
Especially at work or something, I'd rather be alone and do my own thing then be with people , it's uses too much of my energy lol....

Are humans better at creation or destruction?

Society & Politics
Just wondering what everyone thinks we do better.

Do you stalk your ex on social media?

Break Up & Divorce
And why?


The Perfect Guy

ok so this is just for fun this dude obviously doesn't exist and never will exist so these aren't requirement guys have to meet other...