I'm a GUY, and I HATE Catcalling Women!

While me and a friend were waiting at the bus stop, a beautiful girl about five or maybe ten years older (can't guess the age) than us...

How To Cook For A Girl

Sausage, eggs and a fried slice is great served up in a greasy spoon cafe for a bunch of taxi drivers, but is no meal to present a girl...

Muhahaha, I quit!

Nearly 4 weeks ago now I decided to quit my job. I was making really awesome money as a lead RN, I only worked 15 minutes from my house,...

Sixteen Years On: Remembering 9/11

A week before my freshman year of college was to start and I was to move into the dorms with my mystery roommate, she finally returned...

Dating Etiquette for the Modern Age

As our society continues along the complex and arduous road towards gender equality, it's important to consider how dating and romance...

How To Impress A Girl On A Budget

Power is an aphrodisiac for most women, the symbols of which are objects such as sports cars, expensive clothes and smart watches. These...


What is your family heritage background?

I am Filipino, part Chinese on my mom's side, part Spanish on my dad's side.

Will people one day not even wear clothes?

With the way clothes are being designed would people just go around sans clothing?

What do you think about actors playing characters of another race?

I'm talking about actors of a race playing a character of another race in movies, TV-series, theaters etc. It can be them playing a...

Have you ever reliked someone?

Say you've liked this girl, but you finally move on and you like another someone else, is there any chance you would crush on the...

What makes someone of the opposite sex stand out?

I know everyone is different but I'm curious

Why are good-looking people so tolerant and open-minded compared to less attractive people?

Might be a thing I have only noticed, but I can´t deny anymore. Every good-looking person I´ve met is just so open, like damn. Why are...

Should I ask this girl directly or just let it go until he breaks my trust?

I've been talking to this guy since May. And just over the weekend this girl texted him and was questioning him, asking if we were...

Do you ever post photos on social media to "test" the interest of your crush?

As a girl I can say that I've done this before. I know of many girls who have. Do guys ever do this?


What gets you out of a funk? 💁?

Ever been in a funk? Is there anything that helps boost your mood to help you get on with your day?

"Real heroes don't need plans." Agree or disagree?

Playing FFXIII and this quote caught me off guard lol... soooo yeah agree?

How do you think Big Bird got... Big?

What's the true story behind Big Bird's biggness?

How materialistic are you and do you think males or females are more materialistic?

materialistic: My definition is someone who wants a lot of "things" and always wants those things no matter what it cost, or how much...