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What It's Really Like for Many Fathers After a Separation or Divorce

1) His rights are heavily dependent on cooperation from the kids' mother Fathers are often illegally denied even court-mandated...

Friend break ups are the worst

In the past year, I have ended two relationships with two very good friends. One was a toxic relationship. The other was made worse by...

Breaking out the Friend Zone

I wanted to share a quick story about Bob and how we broke him out of the Friend Zone. WARNING: Kid's don't try this at home! So his...

Is chest hair a past thing of history now?

Back in the 60s/70s most of the men had lot of chest hair and didn't remove it at all. Then came the mid nineties when guys started...

Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore

Why Guys Can't Get a Girl Anymore. This site is famous for men whining about not having sex or not being able to get a girl to date...

Three Things That Make A Man Undeniably Attractive!

Heylo! A Quick Disclaimer: I know I am not the best writer---nor am I a good one---but still, I decided to share my unwanted opinion in...

Do girls feel they have more options than men giving them more authority over men?

In Alaska the girls here are way too powerful = less of them and more men options its tuff

Should society have more stay at home dads?

Video: Also known as Gary Vee, a widely popular and successful business guru, is audaciously...

Do You Have Any Long Distance Friends?

If So, How Often Do You See Your Long-Distance Friends?

Does Reading Make You Clever?

it certainly prevents you from making a fool outta yourself imao, at least. What dyou think?

How much of the music you like is because of your parents? Where does it differ? What's your taste?

I like a lot of the music I do because my parents played it on CDs all the time when I was young. Pearl Jam Jane's Addiction Violent...

Do you think it’s weird I want to go to concerts alone?

I like going and not screaming and fangirling and feeling like i have to talk to friends. i just want to sit and feel the music

Do you support Planned Parenthood?

In regards to all of their practices, do you support them? If not, what do you not support or why?

Recovery: would you date someone in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction?

Alright ladies and gentlemen. Let's start a conversation. Im just asking out of general curiosity. I am an addict now recovered for...

Why aren't there as many successful women as there are men, who have made their own fortunes?

By success I mean living a high quality life, earning more than enough money to make a living, getting and doing the things you wanted...

What are your views on antifa?

I believe they're even more hypocritical than the feminist movement as they call themselves anti fascists when they threaten to hurt and...

Is gender equality improving?

Based on the workplace, body image, sexuality, slut-shaming, education, violence, assault, catcall, stereotyping and country, does...

Would you rather be "in love" or be "super compatible" with someone?

Super Compatible: capable of existing together in harmony forever. Being in love: the highest degree of bliss not always lasting forever.

Is there acutally such a thing as "right and wrong"?

Someone was calling me out the other day saying I must not know the difference between right and wrong. But is that acutally a thing? Or...

Girls, do you usually approach a guy you like first?

Whether it be online or in person?