A brake up. What are your thoughts?

A brake up. What are your thoughts?

Y: You left me broken in the hospital, you didn’t even tell me we were done, you just left.

X: I didn’t leave you, I just gave up on you, you were the one who wasn't there anymore.

Y: Exactly you gave up on me, it’s the same thing!

X: No, it’s not, I was there, before the accident you were already leaving me, you kept telling me in different ways that you don’t love me anymore. “I feel like I don’t miss you anymore!” “You know the movie One Day? You know when she told him that she loves him but she doesn’t like him? Well, I like you but I don’t love you!”. Now imagine how did that make me feel, when I was still in love with you at the time.

Y: Then why didn’t you fight for me!!?

X: Haven’t I fought for you enough, don’t you remember what we’ve been through?

Y: And I fought for you too then!

X: You did but of course you will fight for me when you love me and you know I love you! I knew you didn’t love me, and I didn’t do anything, I was just being me, I didn’t change, you changed, you wanted something else, who am I to stop you, I wanted to fight, I couldn’t.

Y: Still if you loved me enough, you could have shown me, you could have made me fall for you again.

X: And why would I do that? You’re not my queen? You were my fiancée, we were equals, as long as I’m faithful to you, I shouldn’t have to fight for you!

Y: You were suffocating me, I wasn’t good enough for you. You made me feel I’m less than you, I couldn’t take that anymore, it made me weak. That’s why my love for you had faded. If only I could see you fight for me, if only I could see you appreciating me, I wouldn’t have left, I would have fallen for you again.

X: …

Y: That’s why we ended.

X: You’re right, I expected more from you, I’m sorry about that. I accepted in the end that we’re not as compatible as I needed, that’s why I didn’t fight for you.

Y: I loved you more than you can ever imagine!

X: I loved you deeply too, I just didn’t like you enough. I’m sorry.

Y: I know, I’m sorry too.

X: …

A brake up. What are your thoughts?
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  • Aethereal
    This looks like a severe lack of communication from both sides. If one person feels that something is wrong, are hurting, feel neglected, then open your mouth and say it. In an equal relationship, you both have to be able to express your opinions and have them highly respected. Both people here seem to have been waiting for the other to read their mind and then step up.

    Suffering in silence always ends in misery. Never just have expectations and then keep quiet when you get disappointed. Never convince yourself that suffering in silence is an expression of love, or dedication, or being a "good" partner (or worker, family member, etc for that matter). In most cases, the suffering will not be noticed until you can't take it anymore and are shocked/angered even more when you find the other person didn't even know/notice (basically proving that they weren't a mind-reader).
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  • Adam1978
    Dumb anyone that wants someone to fight for them. They should be the one wanting it in the first place not be the one pushing people away and expect them to overcome the unecissary resistance created by them. Then be angry when they simply see it and walks away exactly the message they sent.
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  • Amy10223
    I thought you meant a car brake and was about to give you some information on a car mechanic. But break-ups are always hard for everyone. It takes time to heal.
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  • Daniela1982
    Maybe she left because you didn't know how to spell "break up"?
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  • JCrockett
    Sad, but Y sounds a little crazy.

    "I stopped loving you because you didn't fight for me after I stopped loving you."

    "You should have fought for me but also you were smothering me."

    "It's entirely your responsibility to bear the burden of maintaining this relationship. I don't even need to communicate. I should be able to tell you to your face that I don't love you and you should still read my mind and undertake some romantic win back campaign. If you don't, it's your fault because you don't love me enough, even though I'm the one who doesn't love you."

    Complete lack of empathy or self awareness. Problem is definitely on her end.
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  • DollAlone
    This seems like a conversation between two junior high kids
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  • Joker_
    Maybe she left because you didn't know how to spell "break up"?
  • charlean
    what in the wattpad is this
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  • unusuak
    Welcome to 30s bro
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