Is my ex still interested or just being polite?

Ok so we were together 3 months and we get on so well, recently we have had a few arguements which to me weren't massive but he gets really angry quick, he likes his girlfriend to be a certain way like not drinking too much dressing a certain way not flirting with others
Which is standard but lately I stayed at my best friends house after a night out not thinking just went to sleep and went home when I woke up her two male cousins were there bit downstairs and came in later than us anyway when I told the guy I am seeing he hit the roof? Saying it's disrespectful I tried to argue my corner by saying it really wasn't anything this made him even angrier and he ended it I tried to talk to him and even said I am sorry I can see his poi t of view but he ignores me so I call him today he answered and we were taking I was telling him I miss him and I am not this drunk he thinks I am he just said I am not what he's looking for in his life and he doesn't to change who I am when I said I missed him he said he missed me too and didn't seem in a hurry to come off the phone when I ended the conversation he said he would call later or something, I messaged him that afternoon asking if he's ok he replied who's this!!! Blatantly deleted my number I said it was me and he said I know now and I said so you didn't know it was me calling earlier he said no but it's cool anyone I asked what he's upto and didn't get a reply so I just said I feel like a stalker and I will leave you be, he replied I am talking to you ain't I and how you a stalker I replied just by me texting and phoning etc you he hasn't replied yet but he hasn't been on his what's ap, am I jus. Wasting my time contacting him cause if he deleted my number it must mean he's done right? I am so upset :(


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  • My heartless answer is that -
    this is all for your best
    ... you are not a therapist, trained to stitch his past wounds (which directs anger at innocent you)
    ... you are looking for love, not a prison guard
    ... he's gone too far in his anger, so these issues get worse over time

    Start shopping for the replacement today


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