Do guys who cheat WANT to cheat on their girlfriends with hotter/same/uglier girls?

I know most guys are loyal and wouldn't cheat even if the girl is hotter than their girlfriend so this question is not about that. I'm asking about guys who do cheat. Would they want or prefer to cheat with a girl that's hotter? I know a lot of times guys would cheat with whoever is available regardless of whether or not she's hotter than their girl. But given the option would they WANT to cheat with a girl that's hotter or just a hot as their girlfriend?
  • they would prefer to cheat with a hotter girl
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  • they would prefer to cheat with a girl that's about the same as their girl
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  • they would prefer to cheat with a girl that's not as hot as their girl
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Most Helpful Guy

  • C is most common, but that's likely because of opportunity.

    Also while habitual cheaters hit on girls frequently, most people don't plan to cheat, they sort of fall into it. That means quite often the other girl is ACTIVELY making her interest known, which is much more likely if she's LESS attractive then he is.

    If a hotter girl hits on him, AND he's unhappy, he probably just breaks up and goes out with the hotter girl.

    The habitual cheaters, they tend to date a girl they think won't cheat, while cheating with girls who are promiscuous.

    • No that's not my question! I'm asking if the guy is the pursuer. If he wants to cheat, which one would he prefer. Obviously if he is unhappy and the other girl likes him he would break up but if he is happy but just wants to do another girl which one.

    • Guys like that would be looking for hot and sexually wild. Some of them want a gf and to cheat because they have this idea in their mind about what good girls do, and bad girls, and they don't want their gf to do certain sex acts, they want 'sluts' to do them, their gf is to good for them.

Most Helpful Girl

  • Well to be honest I don't really think that their appearance really matters. If there is an available option (no matter how ugly) guys who want to cheat WILL do it because its there.

    • Alright obviously you didn't read what I wrote. I specifically addressed what you said. (Second to last sentence)

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What Guys Said 6

  • Give the choice, any of those options could work. A and C more specifically.
    If they choose A, you kind of know why.
    If they choose B, they wanted variety.
    If they choose C, well, uglier girls are known to get their mouths shut and are more willing to be treated as the side pieces they are.

    I know you wanted a specific answer, but it's ultimately not a black or white issue.

    • Thanks for your response. But what do you mean "uglier girls are known to get their mouths shut"?

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    • Well, not necessarily, but I suppose you're right for guys around your age. I was moreso talking about it in a general sense and I guess it's just a different ballgame after high school.

    • I get it. It's because most guys are embarrassed to admit they cheated with a ugly girl so they wouldn't tell their friends. Very shallow.

  • If he wants to cheat it totally depends on his standard i've met a guy who cheats on his fiancee with anything and everything he can get his hands on. Because she wanted to break up with him one time so this is his revenge sleeping with anything which comes.

    In short it's opportunity and depends on the guys standards

  • I'd say they'd want a hotter girl but cheating sort of just happens and isn't necessary planned so guys don't necessary set out to find a hot girl to fool around with. something sort of just happens at a party or say work.

  • Wtf kinda question is this? If i married an 8. Why the fuck would i risk it to fuck a 6?

  • If she's better than you, he's not going to cheat. He'll just leave you for her.

  • I would assume they want to cheat with a hotter girl, but it normally doesn't work out that way. It is far more common for it to be with an uglier girl. Mostly guys that cheat will take whatever they can get.


What Girls Said 1

  • guys would do anything that moves


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