How can I tell that my exboyfriend is on a rebound?

me ex and I started texting after 3 months of the breakup and for 2 months now as "friends"(he ended it). he always flirts and remember as.however, 3 days ago, I discovered he has a girlfriend. I knew that from a site he know I don't open anymore. he never told me something like that. I talked with the girl (faked a name and got an old account). she has 14 years old and from another country! she told me she knew him 2 weeks ago, but in relation for fewdays!
-Is that a rebound?
-Is he playing me?
-What should I do if I want him back?
-How to deal with the information about his new relationship?
-should I keep talking with him, or ignore him?
(ages: my ex and I are 17)..Help me please :)


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  • she's a rebound and he's most likely still flirting with other women besides the girl he's with he's not at all looking for a serious relationship just for fun from the sounds of it thats why anyone whoses flirty would be fishing around to flirt with other people while being with someone if he cared enough about this girl he would of broke off talking to other girls and he could have more feelings for you then his new girlfriend but this guy is not looking for anything serious or else he wouldn't be so flirty he would want to be serious and respect the one he's with don't worry about his new relationship you should not feel threaten by it because your older then this girl meaning you are way mature in ways she may not be i don't think there relationship will last from the sounds of it anytime a guy goes for a younger girl and that fast after a break up is for something sexually and as a rebound nothing serious and yes you should talk to him still and grow closer to him and be there for him so he can come back or think of you and him and what you guys had before and come back to you girly :)


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