Should I go along with it or should I do what I don't want to do?

I flipped on my now ex boyfriend this past weekend for something stupid reason and I pushed him to end it with me with all my texts and nasty voicemails in my opinion he should of answered the phone rather than ignore both my text and messages when I had done nothing for him to do so.
As of lately I felt he was distant intimately and emotionally. And with him ignoring and walking away from me while shopping for some baseball shoes it kind just made me flip. So I got super angry and ignored him on our way back to his place. I went in for a bit while he cooked dinner as he usually does but things just didn't feel right he insisted that he did nothing wrong and that him name calling me and such was nothing he had to apologize for. I thought I deserved an apology bc I did nothing wrong I never disrespected him like the way he did I was always there when he needed me me ! so I left. The next day I told him we had to talk and so I went over and he said he had nothing to say about anything and was quiet the whole time I was there so I left. It was until the next day when he ignored me after a lot of back and forth texting and no answering his phone. Today I logged in to my email account and since his account is set up on my phone It directed me to his email. To my surprise he had already set up an account on a dating make things worse I found out I am pregnate and now I don't know what to do he knows iam but he wants nothing to do with me... I want to keep it but I am also conscious that right now iam not financially fit to be a mother for the second time and this time with a man who wants no part of this. Iam confused and I'd really like to hear someone's opinion it would help me a lot.

A few things u the reader should know he is a only parent to two kids and has two more who live with their moms. I was ok with it it wasn't until I realized three exes will always be in his life and four kids. which would leave me and my 8 year old the least priority.


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  • He needs to apologize to you but also get his life together his pattern is going to lead him to a lot of financial issues with child support instead of him leaving you he should honestly work things out with you he's the one lacking the communication on his part anyone who cares about another one would be hurt on the lack of communication toward someone they liked or was interested in i think you should keep your baby because its your child and kids in a way do make a person not only happy but motivates you to do more for your life witch in the end will better your life in a way plus you will never have that feeling of being alone and it will bring you closer with your family plus you half to grow up sooner or later and the unexpected things can sometimes be the best things for you right now if he doesn't stay get child support because in a way he needs to be there for his child. Another thing is he was not at all ready to take on responsibility or grow up yet he's still a kid wanting to do teenager things from the sounds of it i would still keep your baby because it will help you in doing more independently and guys love independent women and ik you will find a lot of guys mostly older but there are some decent guys that would be willing to be with a single mother and honestly from reading this he had more to do with the break up then you seems like he was not doing his part from the beginning with the past relationships he had been in and from the relationship he had with you but this will bring you closer with family and create new memories for you and with your family having this baby.


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