Ex- Boyf Sending Mixed Signals. I don't know what to do?

My ex boyfriend and I have remained cordial since we broke up. A text every so often just to say hello, and it is usually him who does so. About 6 weeks ago, he called me drunk (which he has never done before) saying he missed me. Since then weve spoken here and there and we've made plans to meet up here and there but for some reason it never goes through and now we aren't speaking and haven't for about a 2 weeks now. So im confused. Does he want me back? What is he afraid of? Why the hesitation and why isn't he coming through if he does really miss me?


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  • EX says it all, stay away, be safe, find another friend!


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  • I think he does miss you but its hard to tell when a person says it drunk make sure he's not just saying this because he was drunk most likely anyone who stops talking to a girl out of the blue definitely has other girls he's talking to besides you i don't think guys understand how they make girls feel like there second choice thats another thing make sure he's not just doing this because things aren't going good with meeting other girls because guys will come back and talk to there exs if there having trouble dating and they can't find anyone who will date them i kinda of think you should stop putting effort in a ex who should care enough to put in effort into getting back with you he needs to show you he cares and that he doesn't want to loose you girls try so hard for guys but maybe the guys that try hard for them are the right guys worth having in your life but i really hope your ex comes to his senses and get back together with you because he wants to i can tell you still have feelings for him and care a lot about him.

    • He actually told me that he missed me while sober a week after saying it drunk. I dont know if that changes anything or not

    • then he does care about you he may just be lost in life and in finding himself a lot changes after your out of high school so many responsibilities and things on everyones mind its hard to deal with the amount of stress im sure he does still have feelings for you but allow him to grow up more as a person him being way mature or having room to grow as a person will help him in seeing who was there for him and he can finally go for what he wants and be with you when he's ready to get serious or when he has his life together but you gotta let a guy grow out of his old ways and i think you should still flirt with him because if he makes you happy and you want him sometimes its best to just go after what you want it worked for some girls if you seem to still have feelings for him and so i think you should stay as close as you can to him as a friend and flirt your way back into his heart just be sweet, confident, there for him, do what makes you happy, flirt with him when you see him but not

    • threw text let him text you first and come to you after you flirted with him in person and at the times you do get to see him and when he text you then you flirt back so it doesn't come off as you being clingy, stay positive and happy because guys like seeing girls smile and positive because it makes them feel like there making the girl happy cause some guys don't feel as thow there not good enough and you want him to feel good enough for you and be open to trying different things with him and he will like that

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