Which guy looks more appealing?

I've been dating my boyfriend for a while but he has proven himself not ready for a committed relationship. We love each other, but the spark is just gone. We have talked about maybe having a mutual break up but we want to see how things go for another month. He complains about little things that he doesn't like me spending the night because then he has to worry about what I'm going to eat and if I need anything. He avoids taking me on dates and is very selfish in bed, kinda just lays there when I know I'm doing a great, fucken fantastic job (as I have gotten lots of compliments from other men).

There's this guy though I met at a a fashion show my company hosted. He's been in the military since he graduated high school. I've hung out with him several times. He's just a friend and knows I have a boyfriend. He always spoils me, I have to stop him from paying for me all the time. He always asks what I want to do and makes/buys food for me without me having to ask. He pays attention to me and we can have a conversation, unlike with my boyfriend, he gets quiet, tells me to shut up, or ignores me all together. We just stay up late talking to each other...anywhere, club, bar, or just playing video games at his place. He always compliments me and tells me I don't know how pretty and cool I am. We recently admitted having feelings for each other. We both agreed that I can't cheat on my boyfriend. This military guy is actually away for training...he just left and will be back in early June. I don't know :( We text every day joking around and sending pics, being random and funny, whatnot.

Here's some picture for reference.
(by the way they are very opposite from each other) My boyfriend is my height, skinny, but toned. The other guy is about a foot taller than me and muscular


Oh, and here's me since someone requested:

BG info:
22 year old lead graphic artist of a bikini co.
love art, photography, and drinking.
love to be funny but I've been also told I'm very mature for my age


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  • Your friend is way more appealing, in my opinion, both physically and as far as the way he treats you, how the two of you communicate and act around each other, etc.

    It sounds like you're ready to move on, and that neither you or your boyfriend really wants to be in the relationship anymore. I don't think people should have to force themselves to feel a certain way in a relationship -- that's how you know it's over, in most cases.

    It's nobler to just get out when you know things aren't what they used to be rather than stay and cling on to a hope that things will change. That's what I'm starting to realize in my relationship -- that although it may be hard to move on, it's probably what's best for the two of you to separate rather than drag it on any longer. Whatever you decide, make sure it's what you really want.


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  • Okay, I'm sorry to be mean... well, no I'm not.

    Your boyfriend is downright fugly compared to the soldier, no homo. If I were trapped in Resident Evil 6, and that soldier rushed up to me and tossed me a rifle shouting, "Follow me!" I'd follow him. And probably survive, because he looks like he can kick ass.

    • No offense, but I'm mildly amazed that a weird looking guy like your bf has managed to have sex with a girl as hot as you. And if you've seen me post on this site, you know I don't compliment much.

    • hehe thank yah ^-^

      Well we had a bit of a history in our early hs years. basically he cut contact completely after breaking up with me over MySpace (lol) so it left me wanting more. then in college...we hit it off again. I was a bit chubby when we started dating again and had low self-esteem, just getting out of an abusive 2 year relationship.

      I don't really think he's goofy lol I just think they both look good in completely different ways. I just wanted to see if I'm clouded by my love for him as my friends say the friend is much hotter :o

    • Lol she always wanted to hear this.

  • i feel bad for your poor boyfriend. he doesn't know what he has. the only problem with the military guy is that he will always be away for long periods of time. by the way why dont you share a picture of yourself too?

    • https://postimg.org/image/6qmndjarp/

      me ^^^^

      yah, I know, he is actually in training right now til beginning of June. he's the sweetest guy but since he's half italian i tease him how much of a player he is (lol) he's been married before and has been cheated on by her multiple times and his last serious gf and was treated badly... so I know he is proceeding with extreme caution, asking me what I want from him before he left and said "please don't make me miss you for no reason..."

    • wow you are gorgeous. i would date you too. your boyfriend is a freakin moron. i would be doing anything to keep you to myself

  • Sad demise for your boyfriend. If you wanna go with this guy then you have to confront about this in front of your boyfriend. I don't understand why do girls go in to relationships when they are not sure about the guy.
    But whatever it is...don't cheat. Confront him and then go...no matter the consequences.

  • Friend. Enough said.

  • The boyfriend looks like he's arrogant or something.

    • Ya he's a narcissist who fell in love with another girl and cheated on me recently :/

    • Sounds like he's good road material. He would be kicked to the curb.

What Girls Said 7

  • Baby girl, that military guy is better--- waaayyy better physically. And I think, personality wise, he's also better. Just by seeing his photo, I think, he's not boring in bed.

  • The army guy looks and sounds way better.

  • The army guy is just cuter to me

  • you're so prettyy!!
    The friend all the way..

  • The military guy hands down. I feel like this is a no brainer.

  • Based on the pictures I'd say your boyfriend, but based on the description you should probably dump him.

    • Anonymous... Show up some courage to comment with real user name.

    • What exactly would be courageous about commenting with a username that's pretty much anonymous in and of itself? You act like I said something offensive or something.

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