Why won't my ex remove my picture from his instagram?

my ex said horrible things to me during our break up to impress another woman...both the woman and i said we were never going to speak to him again. He chased after her & not me (i dont know whether or not she speaks to him still) but i do know she had asked him to put a pic of them on IG before me & he refused to but he posted one of me & one of him & i together...(i guilt tripped him into it kinda) he was very adamant about not having any girls on his iG but he did it in the end...after the horrible breakup & made it clear she & i spoke so he'd be even more scared to contact me.

for 4 days after the breakup HE kept them both up then he removed the one of him & I together...now almost 2 weeks later he still has up my pic...i dont know whats happening between them but i know i will never speak to him again

if he was the type to never look at his IG & have a bunch of women on it all the time id understand him not being bothered to remove it but its just a picture of me with "queen" as the caption and he has never posted any other girl and its bothering me reason being, i basically had to force him to put a picture up in the first place now that he has made it explicitly clear he wants her & not me & made no effort to contact me (though i did request that) he is keeping it up so i know this isn't a "he probably forgot" situation"

why hasn't he taken it down...is it to bother me? is it to bother her? is it to help him get other women? is it so i can contact him first, is it to keep me looking at his profile for when he takes it down, is it to make fun of me? is it cause he knows i analyze everything? is it cause even if he takes it down today ill still wonder why he kept it up so long? is it cause if he takes it down now it'll hit harder & reopen to rejection wound? ...i wish i could not care...but i want it down & UGH.

i feel like a child i had a problem w/ it not being up now i have a prob w/ it not being down
  • he is keeping it up to bother you & mess with your head (cruelty)
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  • he is keeping it up because he is still holding on/ hasn't completely let go (sincerity)
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  • It is up because he cares so little it doesn't matter if its up (indifference)
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he has been on ig to delete other random pics & the pic of him & i & to post other random pics & change his bio & follow the other girl etc since the break up


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  • Maybe you're overthinking it. Maybe it really doesn't have anything to do with you. Is it a really good photo of him, maybe he gets complements on the picture, and thus doesn't want to remove it due to his ego. I could be wrong, he could still like you, but I think you should remember that the reason might me something that doesn't make sense to you. He could even think that showing that he is with a girl on his pf pic will carry over a message to others that he is desirable and that girls like him. - This isn't as sad as it might sound - Because girls like guys that other girls like too..

    • he isn't in the photo...it is just me

    • Then I just gave you a horrible answer. My bad :)
      Rather confused now, as I can't see the point of having you as the picture unless
      1) He wants other girls to think that he isn't available
      2) He still likes you
      But those are the reasons I would keep the photo. and thus this answer doesn't help you any more than my first one :P

    • lol this one helps a bit more..first one did too though

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  • When people break up and there's a paper trial online (pics) people especially guys tend to just leave well enough alone. It means nothing. You're good to be rid of him!


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  • Maybe B since he went and deleted other pictures.


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