Would you go back to a girl you know loves you if you didn't like her?

For example your spending a lot of time with her things are great..then you find out she loves you but your not ready, so a few months pass and you've only been talking with her..why would you all of a sudden bring her slowly back into your life and keep using the term "us" and " we" talking about going back to doing things just like before when you already know how she feels about you.


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  • No. In fact I am in that position now. She loves me and I still do her in a way but I do not like her and do not want to be with her. Our relationship is too far gone to fix and I don't want to even if I could.


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  • Personally i don't believe in being ready thing. If a person loves someone truly, it is always right time. She /he doesn't want to miss even a second.
    If something doesn't work, it will probably never work.


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