Will he come back for me or is he done with me?

My ex and I have been broken up a little over 2 months. We were together a very long time. We have maintained a lot of contact and even were working things out until I went psycho on him for something that was bothering me.

He texted me yesterday and we only talked for about an hr before he stopped texting me. No contact so far today. I was sending him mixed signals because one day I would be sweet and the next I would tell him I am done with him for good. He never said much to the sweet texts.

If I broke up with him but wanted him back and he doesn't seem to be interested anymore with a relationship do you believe backing way off and not contacting is best?
Is he just testing me? I think he really likes attention as well.


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  • This reminds me of my situation. If you want to be with him again don't go psycho again. Especially for issues that (I assume) don't concern him directly. Make your choice and stick with it. Is it so difficult for you females?

    • They really did concern him. So if I know I won't go psycho again how will he know that? Will he change his mind?

    • You must explain to him. Use your words and communicate.

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