How do you get over a break up?

I know the basic "keep busy" is always a must with a break up, but for me it just doesn't cut it. What are some helpful ways to get over an ex?


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  • It might sound strange but when me and my ex broke up I decided to become a vegetarian. It was a huge life altering thing for me, because I relied on meat so much. It got me feeling healthier and looking fitter which made me feel great about myself and really helped me get over him. I also began to exercise more often for the same reason, it helped me with my confidence.

    I also took a lot of walks, I have three dogs so I do a lot of walking anyway, it's a great way to clear your head. I read a lot and wrote down my feelings. I also made a list of all the reasons my ex wasn't the one for me.

    I also began reorganizing my dorm, gave him back the stuff he wanted and threw out the rest of the stuff that reminded me off him- a clean slate. I also went on a few dates, went out with friends- kept socially active.

    The big thing I had to do was stop telling "the story" about how badly I was hurt and how horribly I was wronged. I had to stop thinking about the hurt, it kept me from moving on.

    • That is what I have been told. I had a long talk with my roommates last night and they basically told me to just exercise and do better for myself and focus on myself. My roommate broke up with her now ex boyfriend and completely cut him off. I guess my problem is, is that I am having a hard time just letting go. Maybe because it is too soon? We just recently broke up this past weekend. Not my choice at all.

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