Why are exes hostile? (I guess men exes)

What makes an ex hostile to you? I've always wondered this and never understood if a person broke up with you and you stayed away they would not like you more and resent you. This happened to me once and after a few weeks apart I dropped off a few of his things and important documents and he was snatching stuff from my hands etc. Then as I was walking away he asked me if I saw a specific game with a douchebag smirk on his face as if he was intentionally trying to be a jerk by showing he wasn't phased from break up. When I would break up with somebody (and it was only once since I only had an handful of boyfriends) I was never hostile and just felt bad for hurting him and was nice to him. Can someone explain this?


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  • My parents separated, and they are still cool with each other. So it doesn't always turn out that way.

    • That's good. Yea that was my first time in that type of situation..all other break ups were no hostility...(well besides when I had someone cheat on me I was pissed off for awhile lol)

    • Yeah, I just hope once I finally get my first GF, and inevitably go through my first break-up, we'll be on friendly terms.

    • Yea that's always best!

  • Depends, it's usually an ego thing.

    Have you ever had a guy be the one to dump you? Or were you always the dumpee?

    • Well I've broken up twice with somebody 1) cuz he cheated and I was mean towards but i was hurt! 2) I broke up with somebody whom I should have never even got with because I hardly liked him but I was nice to him afterwards. Then I had someone break up with me and he was nice and cordial with me after break up never was hostile. But this ex was hostile after he broke up with me even when I told him it was ok and I agreed that getting together was a mistake (which he stated initially during break up) I'm just curious that's all whether he's a douche bag or he just didn't like the fact i wasn't falling apart.

    • Probably the fact that you weren't falling apart.

    • I guess regardless it still makes him a douche lol thanks :-)

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