Help, I need a break-up song! What would you suggest?

A friend is going through the meltdown of a relationship and music always makes difficulties easier. What are some break-up songs I could suggest that would help? Old songs, new songs, or gender doesn't matter. YouTube videos would be especially appreciated but not necessary.


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  • Haha I have an actual playlist specifically for breakup songs, it helps ssooo much! Here are my favorites:
    This Isn't Everything You Are- Snow Patrol
    New York- Snow Patrol
    Shake It Out- Florence and the Machine
    I'm going to Find Another You- John Mayer
    Bonfire- Third Eye Blind
    Motorcycle Drive By- Third Eye Blind
    Fools Gold- Fitz & The Tantrums
    Try- P! nk
    Details In The Fabric- Jason Mraz
    I'm Movin' On- Rascal Flatts
    Everything Will Be Alright- The Killers
    Best Thing I Never Had- Beyonce
    Survivor- Destiny's Child
    It's so nice of you to help your friend out! These songs have helped me through countless heartbreaks. I'm sure at least some of them will provide some comfort!

    • Thanks! Sorry for your past heartbreaks. You must have had some douchy guys, but now you're prepared! lol

    • You're welcome! I hope your friend feels better. And thanks! I have dated some jerks, but now I've equipped myself to deal with them haha

  • Disintegration - The Cure

    Fallout - Neon Indian

    Evil Love - The Race
    (great song but can't find a link to it...can buy on itunes)

  • Bye, bye, bye from 'Nsync, like a boy Ciara, Say my name and bills bills bills Destiny's child, Show me the meaning of being lonely backstreetboys, Womanizer by Britney Spears, and there are sooo…. many those are the only few I could think of sorry.

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  • For me listening to breakup songs always makes the situation worse. I guess different things work for different people. I workout harder and more often instead.

  • Madonna. Power of Goodbye
    I am dead serious. She has nailed it.
    Being able to say goodbye makes you powerful more than ever.

    • This will definitely be on the playlist and placed close to the top.
      "you were my lesson I had to learn; I was your fortress you had to burn"
      no lyrics written better than that. . .

    • Right right, perfect lyrics ha

  • Jhene Aiko - The Worst

    Like songs to make em feel better or songs that they can relate to right at this moment?

    • Probably some of each. Sad songs to let them know that others have been through the same thing. Upbeat songs to help realize things get better.

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    • red by daniel merriweather
      bats for lashes - daniel

    • leona lewis - happy, homeless
      chris isaak - wicked game
      cheryl cole - screw you
      luke james - mo better blues
      stay by hurts

  • The theme to WONDER WOMAAAAN! It makes you feel sweet. Other than that im mr brightside is pretty good and I miss you

  • Depending on how it ended... Deuces by Chris Brown. Irreplaceable by Beyonce. FU by Miley Cyrus

  • v=fmRVeoo2bX8

  • Are you wanting happy or sad songs?
    Because "How To Mend A Broken Heart" by Al Green is an amazing break up song, but it's sad...


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