A dilemma of my ex : any advice?

I was with my ex for 6 years. We haven't spoke in almost 2 months. I miss him and I wish I can talk to him again, he is stil my love and I wanna win him back, any ideas


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  • well start out as a friend again and ask him simple questions like how are you doing and be upfront with him and tell him you miss him but first make sure he's single and is not with anyone then tell him after you have started a simple conversation over hows life and then tell him you miss him and that your glad he's doing alright then i would just avoid talking about relationships and talk about other stuff like movies and different things you wanna win him back you just have to show him that you have changed and well lets say grown from before in your mistakes in your past relationship with him don't make those mistakes over again be honest and kind and be there for him give him your attention maybe paying more attention to what he has to say and his likes will let him know you still care about him and take it slow


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