Just can't get over him. It's almost two years now. Anyone else feel like this about an ex?

Like I had fallen in love with my ex best friend. He said I love you first everything he said first. Never thought he'd betray me and went back with his abusive ex. But I truly loved him, unconditionally, even when he fell out of being in love with me. He did a lot that hurt me. But I have dated other guys, tried everything. It's like even if given the chance to be with him I wouldn't. Cause he's toxic now. But I just can't fall out of love, and in October is going to make it 2 years since I last saw him. I don't message him at all, but he'll call out of the blue and we'll talk like how we used to a little. We had amazing chemistry and he made me so damn happy but then all the horrible things he did just scarred me. Up to this day I break down in tears. Most days I am fine I am strong and I know the possibilities for my life. But then some days my chest feels heavy, my throat tightens, tears fall, I just feel so hollow. And it kills me inside. But I know one day I will completely heal. I hope for the best thing to happen, to move on and that one day i will be with the person that will be my future. But right now I wonder how long it will take. I tried dating another guy but it just made the hurt for my ex bestie worse. He just threw away something amazing for someone who abuses him.

Anyone has that one ex that they know they will never be over no matter who comes along? or had this kind of experience?


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  • Happens.

    My ex was in so crazy love with me that she still remembers me after 2 years. And she will always remember me when I become popular and famous. But I had to take a stand you know, even if that hurts.


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  • OH.MY.GAWDDDDD...yes!!! Long story short, I fell head over heels in love with this guy. We dated for two years until I had enough of his bullshit and broke up with him. I was devastated which seems like forever that I made that choice. But hey, I realized that I was in love with the whole idea of love and us being happy together. etc etc...but when I really looked back at our relationship I settled for a lot of shit that I should never have! I made excuses all up and down for this guy but in reality he's just a fucking asshole. simple as that. I had to fight through all that heartbreak and pull myself together to convince myself I deserved better than that. And the sooner you realize that and believe in it, the better life is.

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    • Going through the same thing now...urgh this hurts so bad...and i just hate that i feel like i am being faithful to a man that i can never be with you know :'(

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  • In Serbia it is called:"You can not with him, and can not live without him."
    Everything will work out, when you fall in love again. I hope it will happen soon.

    • I'm afraid to. But I just hope the next time I do it's with the person who will appreciate it. Yea i learned a lot from this heartbreak, so i am going to make better decisions, etc next time i ever let someone in.

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  • Your story is very similar to min except it was something that happened 3 years ago. I was with my ex boyfriend for 6 years before we broke up. He did a lot of things that hurted me and one of the main reasons why we broke up was that! Also because of religion difference he was a muslim and i am an indian! But besides all that i have tried so much but i still cannot forget about "him" or the memories we had. although i have been single for 3 years, there are times where i cannot forget those little things that we use to do. I know 6 years was a long time but still i want to just live my life without thinking about him. Its a part of life that we remember the good and bad things that happens to us! but be strong and have faith that things will get better girl for you! if you need to talk.. message me..im here :)

  • Yes I'm going through it now. We were never officially together due to the circumstances but the thought of him with someone else hurts me to my core and literally breaks me Goan. He's actually all I really want and is do anything for another chance and though my gut tells me it's likely because I know we have the strongest connection I know his pride won't allow him to even look my way again.

    Maybe this will help you, I've thought about it like this if given another opportunity regardless of the things last said and done to one another I would sit down and talk to him. So that he could understand how I felt at the time and I can understand how he felt and how things were meant to be said because things can easily be misconstrued. And then in the end if we both agree to move forward, there is absolutely NO looking back at the things that happened, we would be talking it out and leaving it in the past (like starting over) never to be used as ammo later, only fair.


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