He broke up with me. I know it's not the end of the world but what should i do?

Honestly i don't really know what to do. I have no one to talk to. I love him so much, i love him more than anything in this world. I know this is not what he wanted but he did it for me because he knows it is unfair on me (LDR) but i don't care about me. I love him so much... I said no when he is breaking up with me. Andd i swear i'll have him back, i'll do anything. I just don't know what i should do now, i am so hurt and scared. I don't want tto lose him. ...anyone, help me?


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  • How long were u together? We're u in a relationship with him before it became LDR? If it's always been long distance have u guys ever spent any time together? If so how often? Why did he have such a big impact on u?

    It really may not be fair to EITHER of u. You're both young and being attached to someone u never see makes it that much harder. U both have lives to live. He may want to go out and not have to worry that he's cheating on u. Which to me means he's a decent enough guy to NOT cheat. If u've pleaded with him not to break things off and he's still adamant then that's what's best. Would u rather him be with u out of pity and him feel guilty for everything that he does? The best way to go about this is to stay broken up but still date. Get together every once in a while but leave the emotions in check. This way u can still do what u both want to do. If he still doesn't go for it then it's best to move alone now rather than invest urself further and hurt urself more.
    Best of luck sweetie.

    • I saw ur convo with the anonymous guy. He's a friggin jerk btw, and a man. Guys don't see things like women do. Telling u to get a social life has no bearing on ur relationships.
      U didn't answer some of my questions. Now that it's 11 days later has anything changed between u and ur ex? I know for me at 18 when my bf would break up with me for the dumbest things I would react the same way u are. Maybe I can give u a hand dealing with some of the things ur going through if they haven't changed. I don't want u to think the way that ur feeling is completely abnormal or irrelevant. U have emotions and they're all valid.
      thanks for the most helpful vote.

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    • Yes..

    • Well just do u for now. And if it's meant to be, and he wants to be back with u I'm sure he'll tell u.

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  • Do you not have any friends? Family?

    You need to work on your social life, so that the next guy who comes along and eventually breaks up with you, doesn't leave such a god-awful mess of a person behind him.

    • That was really helpful info. Y not find her an don't put a razor in her hand?

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    • "I tried to talk to them about what happened but they were not helpful."

      Don't talk to them about what happened. Build a social life. Talk about THEIR lives. Talk about other things from your life. You got dumped. No one wants to hear you moan about it.

      Your friends and family need to take your mind off of it, not sit there and help you go on and on about it.

    • What i did is not parasitic. I have friends and i have social life. This is why i don't like talking to people, they don't understand what i feel. The last thing i want rightt now is someone to tell me that i am ranting becxuse i'm not. I don't rant at my friends, this is why i am not ttalking about it with them anymore. That's why i am here, i need someone to talk to and obviously i can't talk to you abouty it because obviously you don't understand, no one will unless they're in the same situation. I'm just wasting my time here with you.

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