Girlfriend of 1 year kisses another guy sober?

My girlfriend and I met just about a year ago and quickly began dating. She lives almost two hours away from me and we are both college students, but we have made it work so far and we have had the most amazing times with each other.The happiest I've ever been is when I'm with her.

An important piece of background: my girlfriend and I have always been great with communication, and keeping literally nothing from each other. However a few months back (dating about 5 months) I noticed she had been messaging another guy over fb (From a different country telling him that she loved him, they had met when she went on a school trip). After a short break in dating and some promises from her, and many, many tears on her end, I saw a change in her as a person and eventually took her back, and everything has been amazing since, and all that trust was built back up over the following months.

She has been in the study abroad program (living in London for 6 months), and has been very loyal to me since this first incident. Hasn't danced with any other men, texts me every single night and morning etc, sends me letters, skypes with me, I even got to go visit her for a week, she has been the definition of a perfect and loyal girlfriend...However yesterday she had come back from a trip to Italy and told me that another man had kissed her, and she kissed him back (she was also sober, and this man was a stranger she met at a train station, it turns out he walked her back to her dorm and kissed her at the door, and she allowed it).

Since then I blocked her from Skype, text, every means of communication we had. In the past two days she has written me a song, apologized a million times and has shown true regret, and also gave me a 45 min long slideshow of pictures from literally EVERYTHING we have ever done together. So, it is blatantly obvious she still loves me. She tells me she won't ever stop fighting for me.

Should I let this slide and take her back, or call it quits?
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Most Helpful Girl

  • she may regret it and be truly sorry, she may really love you BUT this is the second time in a year she has cheated on you, why would she do that if she loved you and cared so much about you? she is untrustworthy and thinks that crying and suffocating you with sweetness will make you forget what she has done to you. she won't stop if you forgive her because she knows she can manipulate you into taking her back again and again.

    call it quits and get a girl who won't even cheat once, a true definition of loyal and loving girlfriend.


Most Helpful Guy

  • It's not that I doubt her apology. I'm sure that she really is sorry and that she regrets. However there's been two of these incidents in 1 year. Think about a lifetime together... No, I wouldn't stay with her. Just a question though are you her first bf?

    • No not her first, her third serious relationship. Her first ended on her terms (a high school thing), and the second she was cheated on (ironically enough).

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What Girls Said 1

  • I would not dump someone for just a kiss. Yes it's bad but it would be much worse if she would expose her body to someone. But if you want to dump her do it.


What Guys Said 2

  • I'd cut her loose. If she can bribe her way back with picture slideshows and songs as gifts, then you are booty blinded. It sounds like she can't be tied down to 1 guy.

  • You're acting like a petulant child. Dump her. She deserves way better.


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