Should I go back to my ex? Is it fate or am I just desperate?

I am a stubborn person.

The thing is I love my ex. I care about him as a person we've known each other for 8 years and he still visits me (I live in another state) and we are super compatible. The only reason why I am searching for something else is because I wanted to test the waters and see what else is out there if I could find better I guess. Of course I could be more in love with somebody other than my ex (even though I do love my ex) but honestly I'm not sure.

I've tried dating. Nothing works. All the guys I date treat me like crap -- it makes me think that maybe my ex was for me?

Am I just single and desperate? Am I lonely? Am I settling?

I honestly do think I can't get anybody or can't find anybody better and to add onto it I care about my ex...

If more guys approached me I'd be willing to date them but since my dating life sucks I want to go back to my ex and I think I could be pretty happy if I did.

Honestly is it normal that I"m thinking this way? What should I do? Thanks


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  • Well I think this is one of the biggest problems with the way most people date. We focus way to much on the relationship and not the person. Go back to him because you love him and want to be with him don't ever go back because you think he's the best you think you can find. Love the person and be in a relationship with the person because you love them don't get into a relationship for the love. And trust me happiness comes from the way you perceive life not the life itself. Happiness is completely independent from the person you date but for some reason we all try to attach them. I say no don't go back. Not until you want him for him not so that you can be in a relationship. Otherwise your not treating him as a person your treating him as some source for fulfilling your own needs

    • Thank you I appreciate your answer!

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  • Go back to your ex. You are indeed lonely and desperate. But if you both are super compatible then go for ex.
    But he must accept you. First important question... Who dumped whom ( whatever the reason)?
    If he dumped you, may be trying will benefit your chances of hooking up by 70%
    If you had dumped him then your chances are as low as 15%...

  • You are desperate and I sure lonely and settling but the market you have to choose from is crap. I have been in your shoes and what I did was leave the USA and found pay dirt or gold. Women don't have that option unless they are Black and Europe is a hot spot for educated Black women. I know quite a few very good guys but they are being chased and are church goers and women hate good men. Women want a man with the qualities of the devil in them but will treat them as if they had a christian upbringing.

    You don't sound like you have many options.


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