Ex girlfriend broke up with me, broke NC and now trying to have a dig at me via social media.?

Okay. My ex broke up with me. I loved her but I put my head down and got on with my life. I am over her 3 months on. We went non contact for about 6 weeks.

Suddenly she started commenting on my Facebook updates and some sting in her comments with my name tagged. No 'likes' just 'comments' like haha, what are you trying to do in this photo etc.

I just laugh it off. I loved her, treated her the best I could, paid for everything and made compromises - it wasn't good enough. She dumped me, I gave her non contact she wanted, I got over her and now suddenly she had to appear in my life. Maybe she is dating now but I don't think about it as it is too painful.

Why do women do that I will never understand..
Just now I did this quiz on FB which city I should live. Got Barcelona. Next she had to post - I got Amsterdam :)

Will ignore her!


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  • Ignore her. Block her if you have to. She is baiting you and your best bet is not to give in.

    • Thank you. I won't give in. Just don't understand what she is trying to play.

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    • You're welcome:) best of luck to you!

    • Thanks for MH :)

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  • i would confront her about it. and ask her why the hell she is suddnely communicating with you when the no contact between you two was her idea. then block her sorry ass on Facebook

    • Nooo dont do this!!
      She is seeking attention, you better not give that to her..

    • Thank you for your comments

    • Just block her. Don't talk to her. She's screwing with ya.

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