Does he want to leave me? Why is he ignoring me?

I and my boyfriend of 2 and 1/2 years are having a rocky time. Its resulted in him sending me a text suggesting that we break up as the relationship is on its last legs. We later on start talking about random things as if it was not discussed. I text him the next morning saying that I'm confused because a week ago he drove 2 hours to spend the night with me and to apologies for an argument we had but now he's texting me saying that its over. He hasn't replied.


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  • I feel your boyfriend is sending you mix signals because if he apologized and drove 2 hours to see you then him wanting to break up doesn't make sense. Maybe he just needs a break or time to himself.I think you should let him chase you and give him the cold shoulder.Let him suffer alittle and miss you.


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