1- Please i need someone to tell me that there's a hope? 2- What does that mean? 3- can we back together? 4- did still love me and want me?

Me and my ex were in a beautiful trip and we really had a good time then while we were walking together he hold my hands and i was happy and i asked him if still love me even after we break up? He was silent for a few minutes then he said yes i love you and you felt that when we slept together but you know that we don't work together because we were fighting all the time and you know that! I won't lie to you about it but maybe it's the better for us! I was sad and when he saw that we stopped walking then he asked me to look at him! And suddenly he kissed me 😨 and he hugged me for a long time and he take me to my house and he said if i want anything i can call him, after two days he send a beautiful flowers to my house and i was so happy and he asked me to go with him to a party and i said yes.


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  • well its obvious that he still loves you. and i do believe in second chances , so why not go for it again? if anything maybe you guys could go to a councelor or therapist to work out your arguments

    • But we didn't work together! And he didn't tell me that we will back together or something!

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    • that depends , how has he been behaving towards you since then?

    • He care about me so much

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