Opinions Needed: Will my ex girlfriend come back?

Me and this girl fell in mad love and we were each others world for over 2 years. I was an asshole verbally at times and that wore on her but her dependency and clinginess wore on me. We always had a strong bond and whenever I was mean, it rocked her world but i didn't understand a thing about girls (still ain't perfect lol). We got in a big fight over her telling a lie involving a guy and i broke up with her, then when i forgave her she said she'd have to think about it and slowly said no because she was hurt, family pushed her and she felt i deserved it. She rebounded with a guy friend few weeks later whom she seemed to start out loving hard (non genuinely people think) but it seems to be fading a few months in and i know she always thought kind of low of him but he wanted her. Everybody tells me i look better (dropped 25 lbs) and seem different (attitude change) and i want her to see it the most. Even though we haven't talked, people told me she stalks me heavily still but do you think she'll ever give me another chance? Anything i should or shouldn't do?


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  • I am in love as well. I Think she should give you another chance. Be super duper nice to her. Buy her flowers and a box of chocolates. Then take her out to dinner. That will really make a girl happy. Trust me :)

    • should i wait for her to contact me or should i contact her? we haven't really spoken since they started dating and everybody says to let her come to me.

    • Well I mean.. You should make the first move. If she doesn't have a good feeling about you it will take a thousand years for her to make a move, so go ahead. But be friendly and yeah. :) Best of the wishes!

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