Should I tell my friend why I don't trust her Ex?

My friend -B- ended her relationship with her 2 yr boyfriend, K over 4 months ago.

K and I used to be close friends and we flirted a lot (I used to love this guy) but he ended up asking her out. I sort of distanced myself from them and developed a great mistrust of him. Their relationship really rough from the beginning and ended badly.

Now another friend -D-, who knows K from a college class, told me he asked her out two weeks ago (she said no)
And finally, K came over today (i live with B) to ask her to give him a second chance...
Should I tell her about D? Or should I just give my suspicions to myself? She's very confused and didn't expect this at all! :S


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  • Perhaps I'm having an off day, or perhaps I simply cannot fully comprehend the logic behind your ill feelings concerning the matter. So, once gain, would you please explain the action or behavior that caused you to mistrust K?

    First, you were close friends with him and he flirted with you a lot. In my estimation, he didn't do anything wrong there, so that could not possibly be the reason for your mistrust in him, right?

    Second, your friend, B, ended her relationship with K, and subsequently, he eventually asked out another girl, yes? He didn't break any laws there either, so that could not be it either, correct?

    Lastly, he came over to ask B to get back with him? I don't see a problem there either. I mean, there could be a multitude of reasons why he asked her to give him another chance after he ALLEGEDLY asked another girl out. The guy is single and he simply explored his options.

    Being the concerned friend that you are, why don't you explain to K that you are concerned for B, and therefor, you would like to chat with him to be assured that his intentions are good in regards to B.

    Don't find the guy guilty without knowing all the facts.


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