is he breaking up with me?

he texted today basically saying that our relationship seems one sided and that I always text him I miss him but don't make an effort to see him. I said I was sorry. then he texted it's not about apologies do you really love me and are you really happy with me. I said yes I'm just tired lately. then 20 minutes later he texted this - I'm sorry but I just don't feel loved.

I'm 2 months pregnant and he said he wants to move in together but had asked if I'm happy about the baby because I've been stressing about it.

now he's texting me this. what's up with him I don't know what else to say to him.


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  • I don't think he is breaking up because he does want to move in together with you.. does both of you wants the baby? It seems that he wants to make sure that you are happy, you love him and you love the baby.. and he doesn't feel it.. I don't know if you are happy, if you really love him and the baby... but if you do, let him understand that being pregnant involves changing levels of hormones which affects your mood and stress levels... and maybe he doesn't knew it thats why he percieved your behavior or stress level differently..


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