Don't know where this is going. our relationship based on lies?

I just recently found out over the weekend the guy I was seeing has a gf of 9 years after she contacted me through text message. I was hurt but not that upset only because I'm currently "seeing" my ex bf of 6 years also. Me and this new guy met up to talk about what happened and I was honest with him and told him my ex is still in my life. He seemed okay with it and told me I had to do what I had to do. I asked him a lot of questions on what lead him to cheat and if he has done this before and he said he has cheated before. We left off kissing and possibly making plans for Saturday? . He didn't text me at all today and for some reason I like him and I know I shouldn't what should I do in this Siutation?


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  • You have to decide if you can tolerate being in a relationship with a serial cheater or if you can trust him to change.


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  • leave him alone do you really want to be the other girl? wouldn't you be hurt if your boyfriend of 6 years was cheating on you? eventually someone is going to get hurt if not both of you. Why would you want to be with someone who your whole relationship was based on lies? You should have some self respect and remember what comes around goes around. sorry if that sounds nasty, but its the true. (karma). wouldn't you be upset if your boyfriend found out? that would probably end the relationship. if you don't care if it hurts him then end it with him too. sounds like you may like the fact that another guy has interest in you and I understand that we are women and like attention from other men. if you find the right person you won't need attention from another guy. you should love your self first and for most and then someone else the right person will love you too. Men have more respect for those who love them selves first.

    • Thank you so much you are right ! I do like the attention from the other guy. It's just my bf of 6 years doesn't give me the needs I need when I used to bring up marriage and children he said he doesn't know if he wants that. I think trying to change him changed me. And with the cheater guy I like the attention and the thrill of it :(

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