So I told my ex I loved her...?

Ok I told her. Well more like it busted out of me. Lol. She came back to me telling me she wanted to start over and fix our problems before going back out officially. We aren't even Facebook friends (which worries me a tad, but not a lot).

It's been about 3 weeks since we started dating. Taking things slow instead of rushing in. We dated for a good 2 1/2 years before we split.

So around the weekend after the second date I kissed her. We backed off for a bit and I looked her in her eyes and I caressed her head and told her I loved her. She smiled and said it to.

Anyway we still taking it slow even with hardly any support, but it is what it is. We always say I love you to each other so when I text her she sometimes says it and other times it's "Good Morning."

Oh and if you have read this far the reason we taking it slow is because we building that trust back in. I may love her, but I don't trust her enough to become really official just yet.


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  • So you love the woman but you don't trust her. Okay. What of it?

    Things that might be useful would be who broke up with who, why that happened, what the value of reconnecting is, etc.

    • I don't see how it's useful, but I broke up with her. We were on break and she ended up sleeping with her best friend ( yea, I knw. I heard it all). Hmmm I do want to end up marrying her for what's it worth. She wants to head in the same direction and is gunna prove and show it to me. So far so good.

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    • Well I guess she always thought she was. It was her dream school, but this other school which is a 2hr drive provided a bit more for her.

    • I see. Present convenience. Probably combined with age and basic standard belief and conceptualization of "how things work". You're young so trust... Hm.

      Don't. You may work out, there are decent odds, but they aren't "great" or "fantastic"; once you break a certain barrier in maturity, both of you, the odds go up a lot. For now, a C.


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