They are already hooking up with someone else. what should I do?

So my ex and I just broke up this past weekend. She seemed sincere about the break and extremely hurt by it. Come to find out a few days after the break up she is already hooking up with someone. She says she is hurt from the break up, but to me it doesn't seem it. Of course I got mad and texted her and vented out but now I regret it. My emotions change constantly and I honestly do not know how to feel. One minute I am pissed, the next I am upset and missing her. I need advice! What should I do?


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  • she may just be rebounding. like feeling hurt and masking the hurt by getting physical attention.

    I think you should probably just immerse yourself in things you like to do. Sort of indulge yourself and simply do things to avoid down time when you might think about her.

  • telling her how you felt at that time is fine. it will help you in the long run


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