Why would my ex bf contact me one week after breakup?

So we were dating for 5 years. He dumped me a week ago and we didn't have any interaction or contact since. I did not attempt to contact him and tried to seem like I didn't care by not contacting him. Yesterday night he randomly messaged me on Facebook asking whats up and did I have any news? I made sure to respond slowly and with short answers to not seem too interested. He told me to let him know when I'm moving so he can help out with packing as I have been planning to move house in a few months. I asked if he was dating somebody else yet as his status on Facebook says in an open relationship. He said no and asked if I was seeing anyone? I said no as well and he said ok and I didn't say anything after that. The whole thing seemed really bizarre. Why would you offer to help someone move house if you didn't care about them anymore? Does he still have feelings for me?


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  • 2 Possibilities

    1) He feels you are hurt and wants to help you overcome the pain.

    2) He still has feelings for you and might not be able to forget you, after break up he thinks about you all the time actually more now than before. In this case he might be wanting you back...

  • He has feelings for you. I contacted my ex too after 2 weeks.


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