How do i get my boyfriend back when we haven't broken up?

Two months ago my boyfriend told me that he doesn't think we have a future together. That he will move to another country in 6 months but that he still wants to be in a relationship with me. I was devestated, prepared to leave but when I tried he said that he still loves me, is in live and still attracted to me. He just doesn't feel like he's going to be happy in 10 years and wants to do "this thing" alone.

I agreed to his deal since I think he's the love of my life. I read everything how to get an ex back. The last few weeks I ditched the neediness, clingyness and avoided to declare my undying love for him. I've been happy, active and confident and I see how he has started to appreciate me more.

The rules say no contact for 3-4 weeks but how do I apply this when were still in a relationship? How do I make him want me back? The attraction is really there, he's obsessed with my body and looks. And the love is there aswell. Should I just play along and be amazing? Or just break the contact and hope for the best? Please help me guys!
As I said, it's not only the attraction. He gives me a lot of love too. But he's not sure of our future. I didn't ask how to get over him, I asked how to get him back. Re-attract him to the relationship.


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  • Better end this now than later. Imagine in six months time he will be in a new country, new surroundings, new girls around him. You will still be in the same place, more emotionally involved, more in love with him, missing him, wondering what he will be doing - very painful.

    Don't do this.

    I went out with this Polish girl who was stunning and amazing. I found out that she was leaving in a year time so we had to end it. It was very painful to start off with but 3 months on I found another girl and am in a different place (only early days).

    You need to look after yourself.

    He is in a Win-Win. You stay with him, he will get plenty of sex till he goes and he can easily find another girl out there cos his mind will be ready for it.

    Look after yourself please!!!


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  • Well "The attraction is really there, he's obsessed with my body and looks" Love is far beyond looks and body.

    He is just making sure if anything goes wrong (I guess he knows things will go wrong) in future he is not the one to be blamed "he doesn't think we have a future".

    If you want a life long relationship this is not the right guy for it you should end it all and move on, on the contrary if you just want to live in present not think about future its ok enjoy the relationship.

  • You need to dump him. Seriously.


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