Sneaky boyfriend is he cheating...again?

Okay so my bf and I have been together for over 4 years now. He has a history of inappropriate contacts with other texting sexual messages etc. Well recently I put him out the house and he claims he wants to come back and get back together. Well this co-worker he has sends him messages over fb (because he doesn't have a cell phone) and asks for him to pick her up for work. He erases the messages from her now because I confronted him on this new "friend".

He told me she is only a friend and that when she had a car she would give him a ride from work to downtown. Now mind you when he goes to pick her up he goes to her house and she lives all the way other he other side of town, not even on his route to work (he has a car now and apparently she doesn't). He knows I'm uncomfortable with it but yesterday he asked me what time he had to be to work, I told him 6:18, his work schedule is posted on the fridge. He left the house around 5am and he didn't have to be to work until 6:53am. She lives about 20 minutes from my house, he speeds so he got there quick.

When I woke up I took note of the time he left and I went into his email and saw she sent him messages asking for a ride and he said he would pick her up. When he got home I asked him why he left so early and he completely omitted that she asked for a ride and he gave her one. So he left my house at 5, got to her house around 5:20-5:30, she lives about 15 minutes away from the job so they had a little over an hour to play with, literally. Do you think he's cheating with her, he is supposed to be on his best because he wants to move back in but I'm stressing over this shit.
sorry maybe it's really dumb and cliché but I love him to pieces and we do have a 7 month old baby girl together. I didn't admit to picking her up...I'm speculating.
and the messages were she sent a messhae asking for a ride, he said okay and she asked what time to be ready and he never commented back...I'm assuming he went to get her, he never admitted anything.


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  • Why would you ever let a cheater get with you again? Boot him.


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  • @Anonymous OK, you can't be serious right now? Once a cheater always a cheater, I know you know that. This guy cheated on you once, you've keep him around. He's cheating on you again, do you want a third round? No, you are better then this and you deserve better. Do I thinking his cheating with her? Yes I most definitely I think he is, its pretty obvious. I see this happen to good, pretty girls all the time.. you got to be better then a someones doormat. Break this, breaks this, don't put up with it.




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  • why are you still with him if he cheated once?


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  • Once a cheater always a cheater. He is cheating on you again. He will continue to cheat on you *sigh*.. put him out for good and break up for good.. best thing you can do for yourself now.

  • You need to go, how can you put a 7 month old through this either? Leave for her if you can't love yourself or respect yourself enough. Do it for her.


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