What are my chances of getting her back if she's dating someone not her type at all?

We split because I met someone while I was away on vacation. It didn't work out. Now when I planned to tell her that I was ready to start again I found out she is interested in someone else. She told me she'd wait for me to make up my mind about "us".
My ex is dating this guy who is not her type at all from what I heard. He always is away because he's in service. He hates kids and he smokes. Three of her biggest deal breakers.


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  • You're something to even expect her to take you back after what you did. But if you think she's really ok with doing that, tell her you're ready.

    • I'm afraid of what she will say if I tell her. But I know he isn't right for her.

    • You can't know that. Only she can know that. But since she told you she'll wait, he might just be some sort od distraction for her. You'll never know if you don't talk to her now.

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  • Tell her how you feel might as well give it your all. At least you tried your best and their no regrets if you didn't say something.

  • Tell her how you feel because that's all you can do. At the end of the day, it's not up to you to decide who she should be with.

  • just ask her on a date and don't ditch her again like you did whie you were on vacation..

    personally if a guy did that to me i would never give him another chance!

    but good luck!


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