Am I wrong?What should i do?Is it the old love or it's only imagination!?

I left my husband and i went to my friend's house actually he's my ex boyfriend we broke up when i was 17 years for a reason but we promised to stay friends and i met another guy i loved him and we get married but he didn't deserve me or even my love because he's a cheater and i have a beautiful girl and I'm pregnant and i live with this friend. since he we met each other again i felt happy i don't know why but there's a reason so now I'm living with him with my daughter because my family aren't in the same country! I honestly feel some feelings for him because he care about me and i miss these feelings with my husband and i know it's wrong i don't want to do like my husband and cheat on him because it's my behavior! But i feel that he still have feelings for me too i don't know what is this!! . ⚁ what should i do? I really have feelings for him i don't want anyone to blame me because my husband only care about himself and about other girls.
I'm confused


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  • you deserve to be happy, if ur ex makes you feel comfortable and happy and was there for you, you shouldn't beat yourself about it. just go with the flow. and try to forget about the bad relationship you had with ur husband. plus you are too young to stress about it. just live you life #yolo


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  • If you left your husband and you're sure about that, file for divorce. You are also not his wife anymore in that case, even if you're not officialy divorced yet. You can go after this guy if you're sure about wanting this. It's your life and you deserve happiness.

    • It could be old flames talking, so think about what you want first.:D

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    • Oh, well you can try, but if he really doesn't care about children, you can still cut him off completely. Don't let him use your kids to get to you. Be strong and good luck.:)

    • I will, thanks

  • You should back to your boyfriend


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