How to really let go and get out and see other's?

I'm happy, and sad at the same time with myself. Why because I still very much care and love my ex still. And the only I just want to do is move on and forget about him all together. I still do see him on a day to day bass at work ugh. So after are brake up we remain good friends, but unfortunately- the whole friendship shyt ain't working for me. Meaning I don't think I want him back- but its hard for me to date the next guy that comes alone or give a chance. And this other guy and I have a good vibe and he and I just click. And I would actually date and get to know more of him but I don't know if he's with someone or not so I don't get to close. But soons when I'm all up in the air and happy about this new. I tend to think about him a bit more, but at the same time my ex still pops up in my brain and I find myself thinking about him soooooooooo much omg. I just want to end it and let my feelings be free at last. But question is why is it so hard for me to let the past go, I mean I know that he still has a thing for me. But he's doing a lot better then I am it's been this one chick that he has been talking to. But point is Why can't I just let go like I did with the rest of my exe's?


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  • Your not "friends" if you love him...


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  • You obviously still love him and you loved him like no other before but there has to be a reason why you guys broke up, just about that. You guys dated but it didn't work out.

    • Yeah. And plus we continue to keep having sex friends with benefits . And I really do feel like that didn't help.

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