why are guys confusing or am I over reading?

Split with my ex in January, weve remained friendly, every now and then he talks to me to see how I am, why?
I asked him straight out if he still likes me, he z as a friend, so I said I can't talk to him anymore as I still had feelings, he got really funny with me about it. Why get funny? And why talk to me every.now and again?


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  • Your saying, if he likes you could still be friends. Is a signal that there is some possibility of something positive happening in the future.

    • They failed for a reason and I doubt he/she has changed this fast. Dont put yourself in the situation you were just in only to get the same result.

    • Well I was never in this kind of situation so stop making useless assumptions. You came here to help the girl or tell me this BS?

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  • Ignore him. At least till you are sure that you have no feelings left for him.
    Or else he will keep showing up in your life and giving you false hope. In this way you will never get over him. And this will just give him ego boost.

    • she said she still has feelings

    • Yeah I know. That's why I said it'd be better if she got some space away from him till she was sure she had no feelings left.

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  • It's in their genetic make-up...they can't help it. Lmao

  • I am wondering the same thing :/


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