When will he begin to miss me enough to try hard for me?

If I didn't text my ex back 5 days ago and he hasn't tried again, when will he? We are currently not speaking obviously but every time we would do this in the past I ALWAYS gave in and told him how much I loved him, etc.

Our relationship ended because he was acting shady about multiple girls who were "just friends". One of the girls he was having an emotional affair with. He told me he would "consider cutting her off".

This time I want him to actually come after me. When will he eventually text me/call me? Technically it has been 6 days since we have spoken with the conversation being short and us acting distant.


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  • Sounds to me like he probably ran straight to the subject of his emotional affair and turned it into a physical one.

    I mean, seriously. You confronted him and he said he would "consider" cutting her off? He clearly doesn't care much about you, or being with you for that matter. Let him go. You'll find someone who's worthy of your time, and be much happier in the long run for it.

  • Never. He has other options and you didn't text back.

    • I mean I hope it would be a little more than that. We were together almost 4 years. Just because I didn't respond to a single text you think he is just going to move on to his other options?

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    • He just got bored.

    • Ok well he can get bored with his cheating self and his cheating affair of a gf.

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