Ladies, how long did it take you to get over your ex?

My ex of 4 months ignored me for a month in a half before finally telling me its over this previous Friday . I want to delete him & his family off be done with them all. I know he won't come back & if he does, I won't take him back.

I want to find a new love interest already. I miss the talks, laughs & bonding I had w/ the ex. I want to create a new relationship w/ someone else! I want to make myself & someone else happy & I want them to feel loved...& love me! I want someone that I can do things with & talk & hangout & be with!

Is it OK to start looking? How long did it take you? When did you know you were finally over him?


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  • Lol! Someone didn't talk to you for a month and half and you didn't know it was over until he told you? That's really really sad and I feel bad for you. You didn't know...really? No one is that naive or stupid?

    It's time to move on. You should've moved on 2 months ago


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