How to tell BF that he's not pulling his weight in the relationship?

He'll make plans for us to hang out or go for a date, and he's generally late. When I say late, like around half an hour. The first few months I would usually not show how annoyed I was, but he's still acting like that and making it worse with excuses saying "It's not my fault baby, i lost track of time" or other bull-shit like that.

We had a fight this weekend, and he said he'd make it up to me by preparing dinner and having me over to watch GOT tonight. I texted him asking what the plan for tonight is to be sure as I'll have to bus out in the rain, and he said to come over a bit later as he has no dinner prepared due to me not having reminded him?

Like wtf. Am I his mother or something? Thoughts on this, am I being too harsh/critical? What do I say to smack some sense into him?


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  • I would definitely tell him how you're feeling as he seems to be trying to drift away from you little by little. This doesn't mean he 100% is, but he seems like it. If I were you, I would tell him that he certainly needs to step up his game and start getting his shit together in your relationship. Tell him it's annoying that he's constantly needing you to "remind" him in order for him to do things that he should be doing himself.

    • I told him that on the weekend when 2 consecutive days he was late and had some stupid excuses. He says I'm being unfair, he's trying to improve but he won't feel like continuing to try to improve if I don't give him encouragement to.

    • Thank you for MH! didn't realize you answered back... It seems kind of like they're all excuses but see if next time plans come up he comes through and is on time and makes things better because you know if he doesn't he isn't really trying. Good luck!

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  • "He'll make plans for us to hang out or go for a date"

    Sounds like he's doing all the work

    • I say that only in regards to when we saw each other this past weekend. In general we spread out who asks who to see each other pretty evenly.

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