Recent Ex girlfriend is fooling herself?

My now just recent ex girlfriend, and I just broke up after 2 years of dating. We both have had issues since her schooling has picked up, our jobs have taken up more time, and there's just a bit of distance between us.
As of this last week, she broke it off, but we spoke of it as a mutual agreement to take some time to collaborate, and possibly rekindle things for when my new position is fully in affect, and she moves to her new place in a few months. I thought we were on terms of the title being a little too stressful for the time being. Since her culture is very pungent upon relationships reaching a certain standard, and that includes allotted time being spent together.
We went away for this last weekend for a mutual friends birthday, and everything went quite fine. However, I woke up to her phone buzzing from texts, and saw that a guy had been texting her sexual things, and I let my curiosity take over, and actually ended up looking at some of the conversation's from the past. I know that part was wrong, but I became upset. Due to the fact that the guy had been texting her such things at 8am.
We ended up having to drive alone together for 6 hours afterwards, and even though it was incredibly difficult to not become enraged. We were able to discuss the situation, but it didn't really lead to a resolution.
The conversation lead to her saying that she was needing more attention, and wanting to spend more time together. This wasn't a new conversation, but I had been spending 3+days with her a week, and definitely made time for her. With this, I treat her very well, and am very attentive with her.
I gave her a choice to either decide if we work on things together, and attempt to continue, or just call it quits and become strictly friends. This is what I think is the most mature way to handle it, but though she wants to work on things, and expressed that. I just don't see the point after what I saw being conversed with the other guy. Should I just leave?


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  • I think at this point you're just wasting each others time. If she already started things with this other guy it doesn't sound like she's 100% in it.

    • Sad, but true. I'm seeing there to be no purpose in trying to indulge in anything further as of now. Not easy, but can be done.

    • Its gonna suck but it won't suck forever

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  • It doesn't need to be this complicated. Just move on, life is too short.


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