Am I confusing myself with my ex or does he really want her or me?

I was with my ex back in 08. We had our mistakes and I ended the relationship. He tried to get back w/me but I told him to leave me alone. He always looked for me though. He would try to get back w/me every once in awhile & flirt. It's been 4 years since the break up and one day he wanted me to stop talking to this guy to get w/him & I said no. He txted me the next day saying he got w/this girl&he was happier than ever. Well 2 months ago he called saying he is in love w/his best friend but she has a bf&they broke up&he don't know what to do. I gave him advice. Well I started talking to this guy but it ended two weeks ago&my ex wanted to see me but I said I won't mess around. Well he calls me a day later saying he is confused&I asked if it was about that girl (his best friend)&he said yes. He was saying he loves her&her and that guy broke up again. He is leaving for deployment&he wants to be w/with her before he leaves, but when I wanted to talk about my guy he was like "this isn't about you!" It's just him mentioning how he felt for her made me start missing that guy I talked to.

Why would my ex call me about her twice in 4 months and tell me how he feels for and wanting advice? I hardly talk to him so I don't get it?
He also says I need to get laid but I tell him I don't want sex and for sure not from him. So he said he didn't want to have sex with me because he is waiting to be with that girl and only her.


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  • he has no one to talk to...only you can understand him

    • We hardly talk but he the past two times he will ask for advice about so I figured why not ask advice about that guy but he never gives me advice all he says is "I just need to get laid" I told him I don't want sex and for sure not with him and he said he don't want sex with me and he is waiting to be with that girl and only her.

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    • if he wants sex so badly..tell him to fuck with his new girl..or find a hooker

    • thanks for MH even if it was the only opinion

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