How to break up with a super attached boyfriend without hurting him?

I was admitted to a new school in class 11 where i met this guy.after some days we started chatting on fb.we used to chat a lot almost everyday.he was slowly becoming a very gud frnd of mine he shared everything with me even the name of his ex crush which noone knew.By then i started feeling that he likes nd i also thought that i like him too.Moreover none of my or his frnds knew that we used to chat.When our final exams got over he proposed me that day i did not accept but themn later on i accepted coz i thought i also liked him (which infact i really did).he promised to keep our relationship a secret.From there on my problems started.he wanted me to talk to him everyday nd everutime.even he stared at me everytime in the class nd followed me everywhere in the.he was becoming very clingy.he everytime kept on texting me 'luv u' msgs nd forced me also to do the same.this all made me drive crazy nd i no longer loved him nd seriously wanted to breakup becoz all this was hampering my studies a lot becoz it is my class 12 nd i hv to focus on my studies.two days ago i shared my thoughts with him then he was just not ready to understand.he said that i love him but i m not able to realise it (how ridiculous..after waiting for 1 month also i did not realise it then how can i realise it now)...wen i said to breakup he threatened to hurt himself or end his life becoz without me his life is what do i do now how to get rid of him? plzzzzzzz help mee


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  • You can not live your life in fear that he will do something to himself. you have to except the fact that your life is yours and his is his he has the right to do what ever he wants with his life just as you do with yours. statistically speaking those that threaten to hurt and or kill themselves if there other leaves don't actually go threw with it. He is just using a tactic to keep you with him. Much like some children hold there breaths if they don't get what they want. If you are so concerned break up with him then call his local police department so you can report that he may harm himself they will get him and put him in a care facility until he is okay. typically care facility's just get him therapy and the help he so clearly needs. Hope this help you with your problem.

    • Thanxx a lot for ur advice...this would definetly help me to break up

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    • There is no need to threaten him with anything. just if he dose say your breaking up with him hang up and call the cops. no need to over complicate things.

    • well dose say anything to the fact that your breaking up with him i mean.

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  • break up with him. you have to do it. he is making you miserable

    • But he threatens to hurt himself nd emotionally blackmails me...i can't say it straightaway

    • Then you need to tell his parents.

    • that is not a bad idea

  • clean break..ignore him.


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