I'm really lost i need someone to guide me and tell me what can i do in this situation?

Girls i celebrate with my ex boyfriend in my daughter's birthday and we were happy together i felt that we are a great family 👪 and it's a great feeling and in the end of the day my daughter slept and i was sitting with him and i felt that i want to kiss him and i kissed him with all my feelings and then we were making out ( kissing) then i stopped everything because i realized that was wrong because I'm still marriage and i have a daughter and I'm pregnant so i should respect that, I still have feelings for him after all this time and i feel safe with him because my husband doesn't care about me at all he's busy with another girls cheating on me, I don't want to do like him because it's the worst thing on the earth, i need a solution for that it's so hard to be a mother and wife for a disgusting man and feel safe with my ex boyfriend I'm really lost i don't what to do.
Please can someone answer me and share everything with me


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  • If he was a cheater why did you get pregnant again? You should have divorced him. I never understood how folks justify their actions of cheating by blaming their partners. If you didn't have a side piece of a$$ you probably would still be with your husband and wouldn't look at him that bad. If there's cheating involved in 1 or both parties file for divorce. Marriage is sacred.


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  • You shouldn't feel guilty if your husband ("a disgusting man") doesn't care about you at all and is busy with another girl, cheating on you.

    Anyhow it's an awful mess: a child, another expected, unhappy in marriage...
    And somehow, from your story, I understand that your ex is the father of your daughter. Thus it went sour between you too.

  • If you're married, you should only be kissing your husband. If you want to kiss someone else, get divorced before you do it.

    • My husband!!! He's with someone else all the time how I supposed to kiss him or sleep with him or even care about him? He made me feel bad about myself. I started to have feelings for my ex boyfriend even my daughter because he care about more than my husband.

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    • Sounds like it's that time.

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