Is my ex gf playing games or confused?

My girlfriend of 7 months broke up with me 2 months ago. For the last 3 we have been living in different countries. Two weeks ago I told her that I'm still in love with her and she told me it would be better to discuss this by phone better than by text. But every time we make an appointment to discuss this she always find an excuse to reschedule it. I think if she didn't want to be with me she would have told me, but maybe she is not sure to give us another shot. Is she playing games, confused or what?


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  • She might be confused, or unsure how to tell you it's really over and it putting it off

    • But if she is going to tell me that is over, wouldn't have been easier to tell me by text as soon as possible? I feel it is disrespecful to keep me waiting for two weeks if her answer is going to say no. Also I told her to visit her and she was pretty excited about it.

      And I have to point out she didn't break up, I left her place angry and we didn't make up or anything, but we kept in touch and sort out what was wrong that day, but none of us asked the other to get back together.

    • Maybe she just needs time, I'd say she's not sure what to say yet abd she's still thinking about her response

  • she does not know what to do...she is confused


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